Deacon Crasov

The Death Knight


Ninjato (runed) 2x
Jambiya (runed) 2x
Studded armor

Damage/ Evasion Tank


In Life Deacon was a Paladin for the Varo (god of justice) and served the temple in war many times. When his friend fell in battle he attempted what he believed to be a resurrection spell and actually wound up bringing his friend back as a zombie. He was immediately expelled from the order and quickly realized his affinity for the dark arts and also realized just how much he enjoyed it. He resides in a tower outside the farming village of Vericine. The town sends tribute weekly to support his massive appetite and not just out of fear of him….but of the modest army of 50,000 skeletons he uses to keep his tower safe.

Deacon Crasov

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