Giselle Pirelli

The Shield Maiden


Large metal shield (aegis rune, Knockback rune)

Heavy Chainmail

(special item) Creyas enlightenment (+15 to tactics)


Giselle was raised in the town of Terarri and was the daughter of the steward. Her father was known as a joke and she took his indescretions personally. She spent her child hood training with the most experienced shield men of her land as well as the Mind mages who are common in this region. She was pivotal in driving back a orc incursuion and was quickly named to the seat of steward. With the constant warring between the regions she has rarely experienced peace and is as comfortable in a field camp as she is at home in the keep. She is looked to by her people as an almost god like figure and her word is considered law to the king.

Giselle Pirelli

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