Horace Dechino

The protecterate


Light Crossbow
Alchemy Arrows

Mage Robes

(special item) Hood of distinction: +10 to any school of magic of his choosing)


Horace is the youngest member of the Calibri School of magi to ever be promoted to Sgt. At arms of the school. Calibri sits in the middle of a desert and is under the constant scrutiny of others as various orders declare the school to be teaching Necromancy. It is offered as a course of study but not as a focus study. That being said Horace has singehandedly fended off multiple attacks and has managed to survive those engagements, To his credit he led a small group of mages into a hostile territory to liberate a town from a cabal of necromancers. He is sent forward to join the mission for his merits but also because the head enchanter needed time to calm down after Horace bedded both of his daughters. Also Horace has discovered and taken the elixir of life making him immortal. You’ll have to ask him just how an imp summoning spell can go wrong…..

Horace Dechino

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