Tiberius Gremond

The gentlemen


Rapier (cane sword)
Cloak and Dagger
Flintlock pistol

Studded leather (hidden beneath his clothes)

Special Item: Deshins guile (+5 to dirty fighting, Lockpicking and traps)


Tiberius is one of the success stories of victoran. He was a childhood friend to Alma as they were both laborers until tiberius invested 6 months of earnings into a small shipping company which turned into the biggest naval shipping companies in the world. He has since stopped working and started focusing on things he cared about. Like undertaking a campaign to destroy the largest organized crime family in his home region. With the help of many mercenaries he destroyed the cartel from the ground up and is now being a gentlemen of leisure and finding new places to invest his funds. He is somewhat of a folk hero and unmatched duelist.

Tiberius Gremond

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